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Debt settlement, debt negotiation, debt resolution or balance reduction programs (the “Program”) are not an offer or promise to lend money and neither they nor Debt Negotiators, LLC. (“DEBT NEGOTIATORS”) assume or pay any consumer debt or make monthly payments. DEBT NEGOTIATORS is not affiliated with any lending institution, bank, collection agency or collection law firm. Debt negotiation only applies to debts enrolled in the Program (the “Program Debt”) with DEBT NEGOTIATORS. Whereas DEBT NEGOTIATORS shall work aggressively to negotiate the Program Debt, not all debts can be negotiated and not all creditors negotiate. Individual Program results may vary and are based on but not limited to the ability of clients to save funds and successfully complete their Program terms and conditions, the amount and type of debts and creditors, history of accounts and financial standing of clients. Any specific or general reference to “debt free”, “savings”, “eliminate” or “reduce” debts only refers to clients that have successfully enrolled and completed their Program resulting in all Program Debt being settled for less than the original balance enrolled. Any figures given or statements made are examples of past performances and are not intended to guarantee future results and DEBT NEGOTIATORS does not guarantee that debts successfully enrolled in the Program will be settled, lowered by a specific amount or percentage, settled in a specific time period or that clients will be “debt free” in a specific time period. All Program terms and conditions are subject to change without notice and not all applicants are approved. The Program is not available in all states and other restrictions apply. Please read and understand all Program terms and conditions prior to enrollment. DEBT NEGOTIATORS is a California based Debt Settlement company that is partnered with ethical and highly experienced attorneys. We work exclusively for the client and NOT the creditors. Neither DEBT NEGOTIATORS, the Program nor this offer have been approved, endorsed or made by any government agency and DEBT NEGOTIATORS is not an agency of any government nor should this offer be construed as such. DEBT NEGOTIATORS is not liable for or guarantee the accuracy of the record from which recipient was selected. DEBT NEGOTIATORS also serves as a marketing company and may refer you to an alternate debt relief company or law firm for debt related services. 

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How do I qualify?

The ideal client is currently struggling with their credit obligations, feel they may soon fall behind or have a high income to debt ratio. Other clients may have already fallen behind but are in a position to resume some sort of payment arrangement. Clients who have sufficient funds to payoff off their debt at will or pay significantly above minimum payments typically do not qualify for our service. We also a require a minimum of $7500.00 of combined unsecured debt.

Is this Bankruptcy?

No. Bankruptcies are filed with a bankruptcy court. Bankruptcies become public record that will be on your credit report for 7 to 10 years.  This is debt negotiation and settlement. Our team of attorneys and negotiators speak directly to your creditors to help avoid bankruptcy

Does this Affect My Credit?

It depends on the program and your current credit situation. There is no negative credit impact for refinancing or consolidating federal student loans. However if you are interested in debt settlement which is for credit cards, personal loans, private school loans, and medical bills,  that does negatively affect your credit. Unfortunately, most creditors will not negotiate if they are getting the monthly payments with interest on time. Our debt settlement monthly plans fund a special purpose (SPA) that is used to hold funds until we reach a settlement with your creditor(s). This typically results in creditors reporting a derogatory or negative account status. When we settle the account(s) we will disburse funds from the clients SPA directly to the creditor pursuant to the settlement terms. After the creditor receives the settlement funds they will likewise update the new status of the account to reflect a paid and zero balance status in accordance to Fair Credit Reporting.

What are the Benefits?

Many of our clients save hundreds of dollars each month with our their lower program payment. You may also be out of debt in a much shorter time. There is also a potential to save thousands of dollars in interest and principle debt. You also have the ability to choose the date of your program monthly payment. The results vary with each client according to each client’s respective financial situation.