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Credit repair is often confused with other services. Many people often confuse debt settlement with credit repair. Often we get calls from people that have old debts, collection accounts, medical bills or other derogatory items on their credit report. Many of these derogatory items are very old or past the statue of limitations. In some cases we recommend Debt Settlement and others we recommend Credit Repair as possible resolutions. Debt Settlement seeks to negotiate and settle the accounts for less than what is owed while Credit Repair seeks to challenge the legitimacy or accuracy of the derogatory item being reported..

In order for a derogatory item to be added to your credit report, the creditor must follow certain guidelines. Many times these guidelines are not followed. For this reason even legitimate or accurate items can be removed. In other words the creditor has a certain burden of proof to establish before the derogatory item can be reported and these guidelines are not always followed.

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